We are goblock

Your connection to the blockchain

We are a group of motivated entrepreneurs, nerds, creatives and blockchain enthusiasts who believe that blockchain is a powerful and disruptive technology that will change the way businesses work today.
Our goal is to make blockchain solutions accessible to companies, governments and their end users. To achieve this we are developing GoBlock Core and offer our consultancy services to smoothen blockchain implementations within organisations.

GoBlock Core

The GoBlock Core is an engine that allows organizations to implement blockchain solutions on a ‘plug and play’ basis. The core is modular in design in the sense that the same principles can be applied to a wide range of use-cases working off the same underlying technology. We identified a few use cases of the technology that we are already implementing in organizations.
GoBlock Core
GoBlock  Consultancy

GoBlock Consultancy

In order to enable firms to fully capture the benefits of the GoBlock core we offer our consultancy services. These services are aimed at the exploration of your business problems, experimentation with possible blockchain solutions and the subsequent implementation of a fitting solution.

Your journey with us

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Exploration We start by taking you through several explorative sessions where we walk through your current business processes, assess the relevance of typical use-cases in your industry and ascertain the feasibility of such solutions for your organization. This will be done by hosting several in-house workshops where we discuss with your product-, technical- and executive teams.
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Experimentation We work together with your team to develop your use-case into a proof of concept. We offer the possibility of either offering technical assistance by helping you with integrating our building blocks or by taking the development out of your hands and developing the proof of concept for you.
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Implementation After the successful development of your proof of concept we can take the lessons that we have learned and apply them to develop a minimum viable product with you that can be taken into production and be applied to real-world scenarios. We are able to offer you continuous assistance and work with you on developing the solutions that you need.

Use Cases

Asset registration
Asset registration Create a digital twin for your products and services. Ensure ownership and authenticity of your most valued possessions.
Customer registration and verification
Customer registration and verification Verify your customers’ identities in a secure and low-cost manner while maintaining the highest safety standards.
Product provenance
Product provenance Increase the transparency of your supply chain and ensure visibility into the service history of high value products.
Identity management
Identity management Take control of your identity. Use one account for all your KYC and verification procedures without giving third parties unnecessary control of your data.
Voting modules
Voting modules Counter voting fraud and uncertainty by making voting completely transparent while at the same time safeguarding privacy.
Contract management
Contract management Utilize the blockchain to timestamp your contracts and employ smart contract to automate contract management and execution.
"The lack of transparency in our industry can be a real problem. Our cooperation with GoBlock helps us understand how to mitigate these risks and apply blockchain technology for the benefit of our users."
"With GoBlock we have a partner that is truly committed to mass adoption of blockchain technology – their plug & play application is one of the most advanced of its kind."
"We partnered up with GoBlock because we believe the Core is a real gamechanger in the adoption of blockchain technology in the global B2B SaaS market."


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